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Since 1996, The Ross Partnership (TRP) has done things differently. A specialist premium brand agency, our work with our valued clients is symbiotic, providing creative, media & advertising solutions that produce tangible results, with integrated teams that launch and grow brands successfully… all under one roof.

We solve business problems by unearthing insights that unlock a brand’s true potential. Helping brands sell to more customers, for more money.

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The TRP Team

Ian Ross

Managing Director

Marie-Anna Wilson

Finance Manager

Donna Ross

Media Director

Claire Cocks

Media Insights Manager

Tom Markovich

Senior Art Director

Prue Cumming

Account Director

Kyle Ross

Strategic Planner

Margaret Hooper

Production Manager

Fraser Ross

Account Manager

Kristen Lambert

Art Director

Stephen Jemison

Digital Performance Manager

Bethany Conroy

Account Service

John Fazio

Senior Copy Writer