Clever Jols

Clever Jols


Once a regular in the shopping trolleys of confectionery buyers, Jols sales had been in decline for several years. The brand had not been advertised in sometime, and with falling sales, now distribution was at risk. The problem? People didn’t think of Jols in buying situations anymore.


To give Jols the best chance of success, we would have to overcome three barriers to growth.

Memories are fragile
People are constantly on the verge of forgetting about your brand

Brands are substitutable
Confectionery is a repertoire category where people choose from a range of acceptable brands that meet their needs

Penetration is king
For brands to capture sizeable market share gains, the evidence shows they need more buyers, not just more buying

Packaging was refreshed, boosting the distinctive brand assets that would help us win the on-shelf battle. Then we combined brand-building TV with tightly targeted outdoor shopper panels around key retailers, allowing us to keep Jols salient and top of mind for impulse shoppers.