Miele Cooking Appliances

Miele ‘Bread’ Campaign

Miele ‘Bread’ Campaign


Many appliance brands were promoting cooking technologies – induction, steam, pyrolytic – and by fighting a battle of features we knew Miele would remain on a level playing field. With a premium price point, we knew that a focus on features alone was not going to deliver our sales targets.

Research shows Miele is a brand that owners trust. While the competition were talking about rational product features, we saw an opportunity to show how Miele enhanced your lifestyle. The overall brand campaign “For everything you really love, that’s Miele” expressed this trust and added an emotional platform that connected to the real lives of consumers. TRP created a spokesperson to bring this to life, talking about how their trust for Miele enabled excellent results and lifestyle benefits.

The campaign used DIY bread making as the emotional connection:

“My dad taught me to bake bread. My Miele inspired me to continue the tradition.”

Adding an emotional layer to the trust and quality that consumers already gave Miele, this campaign emotionally connected Miele to traditional nurturing values. The value of doing things properly and taking the time to do things well. It showed how the innovation of a Miele oven can be a bridge that gives the confidence to succeed at traditionally rewarding, satisfying & nurturing tasks.

TRP was 100% responsible for creating and executing the campaign across multiple channels – national print, dedicated microsite, long and short-form videos and POS.


Miele retail has grown at a CAGR rate of 6.3% value and 2.4% volume between 2013-16 in a Market environment that has experienced negative CAGR growth of -9.8% value and -1.6% volume.