The Dream Laundry

The Dream Laundry


For well over a century, Miele has been the leader in high-end, premium quality domestic appliances, commercial equipment and fitted kitchens. For this integrated campaign, our role was to launch an entirely different approach to home laundry technology. One that involved a revolutionary new detergent dispensing technology.
The challenge? Consumers saw laundry appliances as ‘all alike’ with little interest in technical detail or the vast range of end results between brands. Also, laundry appliances were seldom advertised outside of retail catalogues, where the focal point was on price.


TRP conducted research that strongly indicated that with a higher price point, a total laundry solution was the strongest positioning. With this insight driving the concept, we used Collette Dinnigan as the face of the campaign. The integrated rollout included large format advertising and native media in both fashion and clothing contexts.
This above the line messaging was also seamlessly integrated into an online presence that included premium portal activity, hyper targeted moment marketing and a bespoke Miele Total Laundry microsite. As a result, Miele experienced substantial sales growth across the range.