TSA and The Green Tyre Project

TSA and The Green Tyre Project


Over 50 million used tyres are discarded every single year. Tyre Stewardship Australia was formed to address this environmental issue, by promoting sound uses for end-of-life tyres.


To drive public education and change behaviour around discarded tyres, TRP developed the purpose-designed Green Tyre Project.

Promoted through a comprehensive advertising program, The Green Tyre Project encouraged over 1,500 tyre retailers to become an accredited TSA member, with increased engagement from Government and auto manufacturers.

Additionally, 28,221 people used the Green Tyre Project retailer search engine to find TSA accredited retailers.

TSA approved end-use projects are now expected to consume 998,125 tyres per year with the potential to generate $3,200,000 in sales of Australian recycled tyre material annually.

Most importantly, there has been a +15% increase in the sound environmental use of end of life tyres in the space of just 24 months.